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Diversity and inclusion policy

Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of organising an event. At IVC-23 we are excited to ensure our event is inclusive and diversive whilst delivering an unmissable Congress.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

IVC-23 Hosts

The Vacuum Society of Australia are proud to host the 23rd International Vacuum Congress to be held in Sydney Australia.

The VSA has a number of goals:

  • To allow those involved or interested in the production of vacuum, or in vacuum science and techniques, or in applications of vacuum, to come together in a united body.
  • To engage in and/or encourage the spread and advancement of knowledge on vacuum science and technology, and of the areas of vacuum applications, by means of:
         o teaching in educational institutions and short courses,
         o seminars, lectures, workshops, symposia and conferences,
         o equipment exhibitions,
         o literature circulation to society members.
  • To represent Australia within the IUVSTA.
  • To collaborate with other societies, if in the interests of the VSA, and to encourage the development of vacuum science, technique and application.

These goals are the basis of the four pillars on which the VSA conducts itself today.

The VSA educational program has remained the constant pillar of the VSA since its inception. In 1993 the courses that were run by VSA staff at the Footscray Institute of Technology (FIT) had ceased due to the amalgamation of several Institutes in the area to create what is now the Victoria University (VU). Vacuum courses didn’t fit well within the University structure so it was decided to discontinue the VU courses, and hand over the responsibility for vacuum education in Australia to the newly formed Vacuum Society of Australia.

IUVSTA is an international federation of thirty national vacuum organizations. It represents nearly 15,000 physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers and technologists who are active in basic and applied research, development, manufacturing, sales and education. The key body in IUVSTA is the Executive Council which comprises a Councilor from each of the national society members, together with seven elected officers. Under the Executive Council are a series of special Committees, which meet at each Executive Council Meeting (ECM), (normally held twice each year in conjunction with a scientific conference of IUVSTA or one of its member
societies), and a set of eight Scientific Divisions, each comprising an electoral college of members nominated by the national society members, and a smaller Divisional Committee elected from this college. The purpose of IUVSTA is to provide a worldwide platform for the promotion, proliferation, and education of vacuum science, techniques, and applications. A list of typical activities reflecting these objectives is given in the document ‘What is IUVSTA?’. Information on the administrative structure of IUVSTA can be viewed by clicking here. The official languages of IUVSTA are English, French, and German. IUVSTA has its legal registered office in Brussels, Belgium, Avenue de la Renaissance 30, B-1040. It is an official international association having scientific aims that is registered in compliance with Belgian law. Registration was approved by Royal Decree of 2 May, 1963. Each of the member countries is represented by a councilor. Individual or private membership is excluded. IUVSTA is a Scientific Associate of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).