23rd International Vacuum Congress


Quantum Technology, Energy, Environmental Sustainability, and Human Brain Interfaces:
The Pillars of our Future


IVC-23 | 23rd  international vaccum congress | Sydney Australia

From the President of the Vacuum Society of Australia

Welcome to IVC-23

The International Vacuum Congress is IUVSTA’s (the International Union of Vacuum Science, Technique, and Application) main meeting that has been held every three years (more or less) since 1959! The meeting see’s around 1200-1500 participants and has a vibrant exhibition of around 80-120 vendors. It brings together the entire community of scientists, engineers, teachers, sales people, industrialists that work in areas that are connected directly with, or are heavily influenced by, the science and technology of vacuum.

The meeting has become a hub and celebration of the enabling of modern technology, from medical and food technologies and science, through to quantum computing, and space flight (for example current plasma thrusters for deep space flight). The congress can be seen therefore as the thread that pulls together some of the most important scientific developments and many of the exciting technologies being worked on in Australia and abroad.

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Dr Anton P.J. Stampfl,
President Vacuum Society of Australia
IUVSTA Scientific Secretary
Chair IVC-23, Sydney 15-19 September 2025

Quantum Technology, Energy, Environmental Sustainability, and Human Brain Interfaces: Pillars of our Future

We live in a world where we all are interconnected. For centuries science and innovation have held great promise to free humankind of much of life’s toil and misery. We at IVC-23 encourage the fruits of our work as a scientific and technical community for real change, for the true benefit of all of humanity, to acknowledge our interconnectedness and to strive for peace, cooperation, and friendship amongst all nations and peoples – for the Global Majority and the rest. How can we all live together as equals in peace?

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Host City


Built around the largest, most beautiful harbour in the world, Sydney is undoubtedly the most exciting city in the southern hemisphere. It is the largest and oldest city in Australia which is home to over 4.5 million people. From the iconic, heritage-listed Opera House to the golden beaches stretching into the Pacific Ocean – Sydney is the place for everyone.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see panoramic views from the top of this Australian icon, visit the historic ‘Rocks’ area, or take a surfing lesson at Bondi Beach – famous for its golden sands and turquoise waters. There’s so much to see and do!